Weight Reducing Apparatus(GBS-E0)

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Vacuum Cavitation System
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Breast Enhancers, Weight Loss
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fat-bursting radio frequency fat dissolving connector
fat-sucking and shapping connector
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Why is GBS-E0 and GBS-E1 Weight Reducing Apparatus so popular? It is a newly emerging technology with capacities not only to dissolve fat, but also to remove wrinkles, making skin even and tight.
GBS-E0 Weight Reducing Apparatus is a safe and effective treatment for fat dissolving and body shaping. It risks no ragged skin problems that liposuction may face after the operation, nor does it have the side effect that medicine, diet control, sports may bring. The treatment period is largely shortened, and you are not bothered by the trouble and inconvenience of wearing corsets. Current with changeable RF keeps stimulating electrons inside cell molecules of the body, and enables electrons to move and hit each other, thus to produce heat to burn out the fat and diminish the fat bulk.
This system shall effectively improve the cellulite skin on buttocks and thigh, and enable arms, belly, and thigh to lose weigh. Meanwhile, it can also solve the flab problem after childbirth or liposuction operation.
The particular fat-bursting radio frequency technology make fat dissolving safer and easier.
It adopts patent PMT technology and self-owned circled electrode, strictly controls the depth and evenness of the current RF, and avoids the risk of being burned. It is very safe. It works in a circling manner and enables the skin to steadily become warm. You will feel at ease during the treatment, only to feel warm and no pains.
Its particular bi-Polar RF technology shall select different treatment intensity based on the specific profiles of each customer. Customers can strongly feel its instant effect which ranks the best. It has been widely use in clinical application in Europe, America, Japan and Hong Kong, and its curative effect has been recognized universally.
   Surpassing and replacing liposuction
   Firming slack skin
   Increasing physical activity level and expulsion of toxin
   Diminishing striations of pregnancy
   Curing muscle spasms and relieving muscle pain for relaxation
  Reducing weight: shaping of waist, belly, buttocks and legs under quick fat reduction.
Apparatus Fitting Principle and Effects:
Fat-bursting Radio Frequency Fat Dissolving Connector: the latest no wound fat-bursting face and body slimming high technology in the 21st century. Fat-bursting is a kind of nuclear magnetic wave that can directly penetrate into subcutis about 1-6cm with the nuclear magnetic resonance frequency of 10 million times per second to warm the subcutaneous parts and smoothen the circulation of deep capillary and lymphoid tissue for the purpose of best medication absorbing and fat dissolving. At the same time, after penetrating into human body, the nuclear magnetic wave can cause strong impact and friction among the fatty cells, which can effectively consume heat and moisture in cells so as to reduce cells. Additionally, when the nuclear magnetic vibration frequency reaches to the highest range, a strong impact happens among cells, cells blow up instantly, and fatty cells reduce, consequently, it brings slimming effect.
RF (RADIO FREQUENCY) is a kind of effect on intramolecular bioelectricity in the tissues. Under the influence of the apparatus, RF produces bioelectricity. The high-frequency RF produced by it can make body bring heat energy quickly, which stimulates collagen cells proliferation, and restores aging and damaged skin. Therefore, it fulfills the effects of eliminating wrinkles and firming skin, solving the facial wrinkles problem, shrinking pores, slimming faces, reducing double chins, lifting neck skin, improving cellulite, slimming belly and hand muscles,remodeling the shape of legs and so on. The simultaneously produced bioenergy can strengthen local blood circulation, and arouse the decomposition of fatty acid and fatty cell apoptosis, which attain the aim of dissolving fat and slimming.
Fat-sucking and Shaping Connector: Shaping slimming is new technology, and integrated with many functions. It refers to innervation crossover faradic current nursing, which lead response elements into subcutis, and activate the fat decomposition process. And it drains residual moisture in surface tissues, and also improves the exchange of the blood and lymph in the part. Therefore, it not only improves cells’ functions, but also accelerates the elimination of toxin and wastes, which makes it cause muscle contraction that is similar to that caused by natural exercises. When the electrode correctly touches the motorpoint and stimulates it with the current, muscle contraction can be affected to strengthen the muscle and improve the muscle relaxation problem.
fat-bursting radio frequency fat dissolving connector
fat-sucking and shapping connector
packing size:152*54*61cm
net weight:38kg